How to Completely Disable WordPress Cron?

By takien 13 Feb 2016 Tips & Tutorial 0 Comments

WordPress has ability to schedule posts, so our posts can be published in the future. This feature uses WordPress cron system, not a real cron, but something like virtual cron. Yes, because it use a file called `wp-cron.php` to do this task.  This is useful of course. But, if you don’t need this, you can completely disable […]

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How to Load WordPress jQuery from Google CDN?

By takien 08 Feb 2016 Tips & Tutorial 0 Comments

By default, WordPress would load jQuery script from it’s own wp-includes directory. But, if you want, you can change it to jQuery which hosted by Google CDN. Why you should do this? It will load faster, because Google has server with better performance, and it might has been loaded by your visitor already. Yeah, they […]

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Tips for Developing WordPress Plugins

By takien 18 Nov 2014 Tips & Tutorial 0 Comments

Do you love WordPress? Having may sites built with WordPress. Got many advantage from free plugins out there? It’s the time to give back to the community. Making WordPress plugin. Especially free plugins. This is not a tutorial, just a tips if you want to make a plugin. Here is my tips for new plugin […]

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How to Backup Your WordPress Site Into DropBox

By takien 30 Oct 2014 Tips & Tutorial 0 Comments

You will never know when it will happen. Your entire website files and databases are gone. Note that, not all webhosting provide autobackup feature for their customers, so manual backup is the solution. If you’re using WordPress as your website engine, there are many plugins you can use to do this task with minimal effort. […]

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