Apr 02 2014
Mar 22 2014
Mar 04 2014

Official Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress

Google recently releases ‘official’ Google Adsense Plugin for WordPress. The Google Publisher Plugin enables you to easily use Google’s products – including AdSense and Webmaster Tools – with your WordPress site. Adding AdSense ads usually requires you to generate snippets in AdSense and paste these into your site, or to manually edit PHP files. This […]

Jan 14 2014
Jan 11 2014

Things You May Didn’t Know About Godaddy.com

Godaddy.com, a big company concerned in domain registration (and now another services including webhosting and website builder) is one of my favourite domain registrars. You may not unfamiliar for this name, but didn’t you know that Godaddy offers some advantages I had felts from some years. 1. Coupon everywhere Godaddy offers cheap domain registration and […]