jQuery Twitter Marquee

Twitter Marquee

Twitter Marquee

May be you see it everyday, a seamless-continuous  marquee in the Twitter homepage shows the current trending topic.  It’s damn good with fading background and short description in a tooltips.

If you like that marquee and want to put it in your website/blog, I have write such script using jQuery and CSS3 I just stolen a bunch of jQuery and CSS code from Twitter, clean it up and made to work standalone. :D

All you need to do is edit the CSS (marquee width, background, text color etc) and image to fit to your need and drop it into your website or blog.

It’s nothing easier than to try it yourself and the following links will tell you everything.


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Comments (31)

  1. considering you just stole this code, this is an extremely weak plugin. Nothing is extensible or adaptable.

    1. Yes, and I honestly would say that I don’t know exactly how it works. :D
      I want to rewrite this as jQuery plugin someday.

  2. sebelumnya ane mau ucapin thank you gan, tapi yang mau ane tanyakan ini bagimana cara pasangnya di website ane, ada tutor yang lebih jelas ga?

  3. Very good, congratulations! But I have a doubt.
    I took a look at the code, but would like to view tweets only from one user?

  4. Hi. Thanks for this great script. i’ve tried it in my website, it works great. thanks Mrs. Takien ….

    i was pertamax, but pertamax is never enough :ngacir:

  5. Manteb om. meskipun marquee pernah ditinggalkan, kalo udah sipercantik kayak gini jadi pengen make :D

    Ditunggu eksperimen mutakien (mutakhir -red) lainnya hehe :D